Alessa Sophia

Alessa Sophia: A Rising Star in Big Air Kitesurfing

Alessa Sophia

Alessa Sophia Big Air

Alessa Sophia finished school when she was 18. In Germany, she started to travel the world.
She didn’t know then that the real journey had yet to start.

It began when she learned Kitesurfing in Ecuador. From this moment onwards, her life has changed!

Her passion and dedication to the sport was more than a hobby; she progressed astonishingly fast. To sustain her lifestyle of Kitesurfing daily, she did an IKO license and worked as a Kitesurf Instructor at the world’s best spots.
This brought her to Capetown, where her interest shifted from Freestyle to Big Air. Within a few months of training, she started to compete internationally at the Big Air Kite League.

In her first year of competing internationally, she already placed 4th at the Full Power Tarifa event of the Big Air Kite League in 2022.

Alessa Sophia joined the Airush Big Air Team.

In 2023, Alessa Sophia joined the Airush Big Air Team, one of the most prestigious kitesurfing teams in the world. She has competed in several major competitions, such as the GKA world championships, where she made it into the semi-finals.


Alessa Sophia is a German kitesurfer quickly making a name for herself in the big air scene.
She only started kitesurfing five years ago and is considered one of the world’s most promising young big air kitesurfers. She is known for her fearless approach to big air tricks and constantly pushing herself to go bigger and higher.
She will continue to achieve great things in the years to come.

She is a talented kitesurfer and a great role model for young women chasing their dreams. She is passionate about inspiring others to participate in the sport and is always willing to share her knowledge and experience.
She also strongly advocates for women’s empowerment and thinking outside the box.

In the future, Alessa Sophia hopes to continue to push the boundaries of big air kitesurfing amongst the best Big Air ladies in the world.