Cabrinha Overdrive C.O.S 2023 Bar

The New Cabrinha Overdrive C.O.S 2023 Bar

Cabrinha Overdrive C.O.S 2023 Bar

Cabrinha Overdrive C.O.S 2023 Bar.

The Cabrinha 2023 Bar, officially named the Cabrinha Overdrive Trimlite 2023, is a significant upgrade from its predecessors, introducing several innovative features and improvements that offer superior performance and maneuverability in the thrilling sport of kiteboarding.

Cabrinha Overdrive Trimlite 2023

The Cabrinha Overdrive Trimlite 2023 is hailed as Cabrinha’s most advanced control system to date. One of the game-changing features of this bar is the Cabrinha Operating System (COS), which offers a seamless and intuitive connection between the kite and the rider. This control system has been designed to be simple, feature-rich, and adjustable, allowing riders to concentrate on their performance while maintaining optimal control and safety​1​​2​.

Cabrinha’s 1X security

The design profile of the bar includes Cabrinha’s 1X security, COS Loop connection, and Trimlite trim system. In addition, it introduces several new features. One such innovation is an auto-unwind system that automatically unwinds the powerlines, allowing riders to perform trick after trick without manually unwrapping the powerlines. The dual PU-coated tubes over the depower lines ensure smooth movement of the bar up and down and maximize the life of the depower line. There’s also a ‘push click Quick Release’ system, which forms the basis of the bar and offers the possibility to exchange connection methods without tools​2​.


Another remarkable innovation is the inclusion of a lightweight, durable stainless steel cleat. The bar also features a new soft-touch trim handle and line with an integrated bungee and a reduced width for precision control. The control bar is available in two adjustable sizes: S/M (42-50) and M/L (47-55), customized to fit the rider’s body size and riding style​1​​3​.

Cabrinha Overdrive Trimlite 2023 Bar

The lines of the Cabrinha Overdrive Trimlite 2023 Bar are made of bio-based Dyneema, which offers a direct and uncompromising performance. This material performs the same as usual Dyneema but has a 90% lower ecological footprint, making it an environmentally friendly choice. The bar comes standard with 22m lines and 2m extensions but also offers variable line lengths (18m+4m+2m) to adapt the bar to the rider’s performance and style. Shorter lines provide a more direct feel of the kite and allow it to turn faster, while longer lines have more power and provide longer hang time​2​.

In terms of the kite lineup for 2023, Cabrinha has announced the Moto X, Switchblade, Drifter, Contra, Contra Aether, FX2, and Nitro. Each kite has been crafted with precision and attention to performance, offering an unmatched experience on the water when paired with the 2023 Cabrinha bar​4​.