Kiteboarding Schools in Venezuela.

Kiteboarding Schools in Venezuela.

1) Kite Addict Venezuela: This school operates in Los Roques, a group of islands off the coast of Venezuela. They offer kiteboarding lessons for all skill levels, as well as gear rentals and sales.

2) Kite Surf Venezuela: This school is located in Adicora, a popular kiteboarding spot in Venezuela. They offer lessons, gear rentals, and sales, and their instructors are IKO-certified.

3) Wepa Kite School: This school is also located in Adicora and offers lessons and rentals for all skill levels. They have a team of experienced instructors and a range of equipment for sale or rent.

4) Kitesurf Margarita: This school is located on the island of Margarita and offers kiteboarding lessons, gear rentals, and sales. They have instructors who speak both English and Spanish and operate on several beaches around the island.

5) D&D Kiteboarding: This school is located in Chichiriviche, another popular kiteboarding spot in Venezuela. They offer lessons for all skill levels and have a range of rental equipment available.

Overall, while Venezuela may not have as many kiteboarding schools as some other countries, there are still options available for those interested in the sport. It’s worth doing some research to find a school that best suits your needs and skill level.