Ozone R1 V4

The Ozone R1 V4: A Synopsis

Ozone R1 V4

The Ozone R1 V4


The world of kite sports is ever-evolving, with new technology and design innovations constantly pushing the boundaries of performance. One such marvel in the field is the Ozone R1 V4, a kite that has been meticulously designed for high performance and ease of use. Deriving its lineage from the highly successful R1 V2 and V3, the R1 V4 sets a new benchmark in kite racing competitions.

The Ozone R1 V4: A Synopsis

The Ozone R1 V4, developed in collaboration with multiple World Champions Nico Parlier and Axel Mazella, delivers supercharged performance while retaining its predecessor’s renowned ease of use and accessibility. With a re-designed internal structure, the R1 V4 features an 8% increase in cell count and a 12% reduction in bridle line, significantly reducing parasitic drag. The Leading Edge now features Double Transversal Shaping, which creates a cleaner surface on the most important area of the aerofoil, resulting in less turbulent airflow and longer skin adhesion. This positively affects the lift-to-drag ratio, enhancing overall performance.

The top and bottom surfaces of the R1 V4 utilize proven Ultra Light materials, with even lighter materials used for the internal structure on the 15m to 21m sizes. This helps keep the weight down and improves the kite’s light wind flying characteristics. The Leading Edge air intakes have been refined for faster progressive inflation, improved seal, and optimized positioning to maintain internal air pressure, enhancing the kite’s land and water re-launch capabilities.

Ozone R1 V4

The Performance

In terms of performance, the R1 V4 comes loaded with more speed, power, and better up and downwind angles, packaged as quickly as its predecessors. It offers incredible upwind performance, a low-end grunt, and easy handling of light wind sessions. Riding on snow or land is easy, with plenty of power and handling in light winds, allowing for high speeds and extended airtime. The R1 V4 is a weak wind monster on the water, boasting speed and easy jump capabilities. Thanks to its power and efficiency, gaining upwind ground becomes ridiculously easy, making for impressive high and floaty jumps in light wind conditions.

For racers – be it on water, land, or snow – the R1 V4 is a must-have. It boasts cutting-edge technology, blazing upwind performance, and a deep downwind line. An additional benefit is its ability to make tacking easier when riding with a Foil board or Course board, thanks to its extended lifting period during the critical tacking moment compared to an LEI.

Design Details

The high number of cells in the R1 V4 reduces ballooning between the cells, holding the wing shape and surfaces smoother and cleaner. This leads to a reduction in turbulent airflow, giving the R1 V4 more speed and increased depower. Precisely positioned intake valves along the Leading Edge lead to an increase in stability and a more solid kite downwind. The Leading Edge is also reinforced with flexible, lightweight plastic battens to maintain the shape of the profile during angle of attack changes and turbulent airflow.

Internal span-wise straps work in unison with optimized diagonal ribs, distributing the load evenly and effectively across the sail. High-performance thin Kevlar bridle line helps the R1 V4 fly faster, accelerating faster, achieving higher performance, more range, and more depower due to less drag. High-tenacity sail cloth with shallow porosity values and an overall lightweight enable the kite to stabilize the canopy further and maximize fast-flight characteristics.

Unique Features

The R1 V4 is not just about performance but also about durability and ease of use. It features a 20mm internal channel shaped into the end of the cells along the trailing edge to allow water run-out between the cells and out of the tips during flight. Velcro dirt-out channels can be opened to clean the kite, prolonging its life and helping it fly as designed. Notable features of the R1 V4 include exceptional hand-checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials, high-performance, lightweight canopy material, Leading Edge profile plastic batten reinforcements, internal diagonals and strapping to improve load distribution and durability, high-performance low-drag Kevlar bridle lines, optimized Leading Edge air intake valves for fast inflation and no deflation, and a unique internal wing-tip drainage system to get rid of water while flying

Reviews and User Experiences

The Ozone R1 V4 has been hailed by users for its high performance, exceptional construction, and user-friendly features. Its top-notch performance in light wind conditions has been particularly applauded. Users have highlighted its impressive upwind performance and low-end grunt, with many noting that the kite peaks their experience during light wind sessions. In addition, the ability to use the R1 V4 on both land and water has been appreciated, with users describing it as a “light wind monster” that’s easy to jump and offers lots of speed.

The kite’s exceptional performance is equally matched by its durable and high-quality construction. The high cell count reduces ballooning between the cells, ensuring smoother and cleaner surfaces and increasing the kite’s speed and depower. Its high-performance thin Kevlar bridle line allows the kite to fly faster and accelerate faster, giving it higher performance, more range, and more depower due to less drag. Users have also noted the benefits of the internal span-wise straps and optimized diagonal ribs, which distribute the load across the sail evenly and effectively.

Regarding ease of use, the R1 V4’s refined Leading Edge air intakes have been lauded for their faster progressive inflation, improved seal, and optimized positioning, which help maintain internal air pressure. This has significantly enhanced the kite’s land and water re-launch capabilities. Users have also appreciated the unique internal wing-tip drainage system and Velcro dirt-out channels, as they allow for easier cleaning and maintenance of the kite.


Q: Is the Ozone R1 V4 suitable for beginners?

A: The Ozone R1 V4 is designed for high performance and is ideal for those with some experience in kite sports. While it retains the ease of use and accessibility of its predecessors, it might be a bit challenging for absolute beginners. Beginners may start with a kite designed for learning before moving on to high-performance kites like the R1 V4.

Q: What makes the Ozone R1 V4 stand out from other kites?

A: The Ozone R1 V4 stands out for its high performance, exceptional construction, and user-friendly features. Its design improvements, including an increased cell count and reduced bridle line, significantly reduced parasitic drag, enhancing the kite’s overall performance. It’s also designed for easy use in various conditions, including land, water, and snow.

Q: Can I use the Ozone R1 V4 on land and water?

A: The Ozone R1 V4 is versatile and can be used on land and water. Users have found it particularly effective in light wind conditions, with plenty of power and handling to achieve high speeds, long airtime on the ground, and incredible speed and easy jumping capabilities on water.

Q: How do I maintain the Ozone R1 V4?

A: The Ozone R1 V4 features Velcro dirt out channels that can be opened for cleaning the kite. It’s recommended to clean your kite regularly by emptying any water, sand, or soil. This will prolong the kite’s life and help it fly as designed.


In conclusion, the Ozone R1 V4 is a high-performance kite that delivers in both design and functionality. Developed in collaboration with World Champions, this kite combines top-tier technology and refined design elements to provide an unmatchable kite racing experience. Its exceptional performance in various conditions, user-friendly features, and durable construction make it a favorite among kite sports enthusiasts.