Qatar Airways GKA World Tour 2023

Qatar Airways GKA World Tour 2023: Unleashing the Thrills of KiteSurfing

Qatar Airways GKA World Tour 2023

Qatar Airways GKA World Tour 2023: Unleashing the Thrills of KiteSurfing


The Qatar Airways GKA World Tour 2023 has taken the world of kite-surfing by storm, captivating adrenaline junkies and water sports enthusiasts alike. With its exhilarating waves, high-flying stunts, and fierce competition, the tour has become the ultimate platform for athletes to showcase their skills and push the boundaries of the sport. Among the tour’s highlights was the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup held in Cape Verde, where the world’s top riders gathered to battle it out in the pure wave surfing discipline. Sponsored by Qatar Airways, this extraordinary event promised a spectacle of athleticism, style, and pure stoke.

Liveticker Day One – 17 March 2023:

The competition started with the women’s heats, as the riders took on the challenging waves with determination and finesse. Spectators were treated to impressive performances by the likes of Moona Whyte, Capucine Delannoy, and Bruna Kajiya, who showcased their mastery of the waves and advanced through the rounds. The conditions were favorable, with a 5-6ft swell and a cross-offshore wind adding excitement to the contest.

Liveticker Day Two – 18 March 2023:

The competition intensified as the event progressed into Day Two, and the male riders entered the fray. Each heat was a thrilling display of skill and strategy as athletes such as Matchu Lopes, Airton Cozzolino, and Pedro Matos battled it out for a coveted spot in the next round. The event’s organizers and race director Juan Antonio boldly decided to push ahead with the men’s competition, capitalizing on favorable wind conditions that promised an action-packed day of kite surfing.

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Liveticker Day Three – 19 March 2023:

On Day Three, the tension peaked as the finalists emerged in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Matchu Lopes claimed victory in the men’s final, showcasing his prowess in wave riding, while Moona Whyte emerged triumphant in the women’s final, impressing the judges with her skillful maneuvers. The audience witnessed the culmination of days of fierce competition and saw the champions crowned amidst roaring applause and admiration.

Liveticker Day Six – 22 March 2023:

On the event’s final day, they featured an expression session and the much-anticipated “Best Air” Super Session. Spectators were treated to jaw-dropping aerial displays as riders like Matchu Lopes and Kesiane Rodrigues pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible in kite-surfing. These adrenaline-pumping showcases of skill and style left the crowd in awe, showcasing the immense talent and innovation within the sport.


The Qatar Airways GKA World Tour 2023 and the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup in Cape Verde were phenomenal displays of kite-surfing excellence. With each passing day, the athletes pushed the limits, defying gravity and conquering the powerful waves with remarkable finesse. The event not only showcased the athleticism and technical expertise of the riders but also highlighted the spirit of camaraderie and the shared passion for the sport. Thanks to Qatar Airways’ support and the organizers’ dedication, the world witnessed an extraordinary spectacle of wave riding and aerial acrobatics, solidifying kite-surfing’s place as one of the most thrilling and visually captivating water sports. As the tour continues its journey across the globe, the Qatar Airways GKA World Tour 2023 promises to deliver more heart-stopping moments and raise the bar for the future of kite-surfing.