The Copa Kitley GKA KiteSurf

The Copa Kitley GKA KiteSurf World Cup Brazil 2023

The Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Brazil 2023, hosted in the stunning location of Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, showcased an exhilarating display of kite-surfing prowess. The event spanned multiple days, culminating in thrilling contests and surprising upsets.

Final Showdown:

  • Matchu Lopes vs. Airton Cozzolino: The event’s climax was the final match between Matchu Lopes and Airton Cozzolino. Lopes emerged victorious in a historic battle, marking a memorable end to the competition.

Mini-Final and Semi-Finals:

  • Semi-Final Battles: Earlier, in the semi-finals, Cozzolino faced Sebastian Ribeiro, where Cozzolino’s impressive opening wave score of 7.53 paved his way to the final. Matchu Lopes, in another semi-final, outperformed Charly Martin to secure his spot in the final.
  • Mini-Final: In a closely contested mini-final, Sebastian Ribeiro narrowly defeated Camille Martin to claim the third podium position.

Round 6 Highlights:

  • Matchu Lopes vs. Gabriel Beneton: Lopes demonstrated dominance by overpowering Beneton with committed riding and significant maneuvers.
  • Charly Martin vs. Hendrick Lopes: In a tight heat, Martin managed an upset victory over Hendrick Lopes.
  • Airton Cozzolino vs. Igor Pestana: Cozzolino’s performance was marked by two high-scoring waves, including the day’s highest wave score of 8.37.
  • Felipe Ferreira vs. Sebastian Ribeiro: A super-tight heat with a close call in scores, but Ferreira edged out Ribeiro.

Round 5 and 4 Dynamics:

  • Notable Heats: Round 5 saw several intense battles, including Charly Martin’s win despite equipment issues and Hendrick Lopes’ victory over Camille Delannoy. In Round 4, notable heats included Theo Demanez’s win over Victor Ribas in challenging conditions and Igor Pestana’s triumph over Breno Barbosa.

Remarks from Competitors:

  • Theo Demanez: Shared his anticipation and readiness for his heat, hoping for improved conditions compared to the previous day.
  • Hendrick Lopes Expressed his optimism and determination to reach the final, reflecting on the improved conditions.
  • Clément Roseyro: Discussed his experiences and strategies in adapting to the changing wind and wave conditions.

Event Dynamics:

  • The event experienced weather-related challenges, including days with inadequate wind, leading to cancellations and delays. These conditions tested the athletes’ adaptability and strategic thinking.

Female Competitors:

  • Moona Whyte vs. Capucine Delannoy: In the women’s final, Whyte triumphed over Delannoy, showcasing exceptional skill and consistency.


The Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Brazil 2023 was a testament to the skill and resilience of the kite-surfing community. The event not only provided spectacular athletic displays but also highlighted the sport’s growing popularity and the diverse talents of its athletes. The victory of Matchu Lopes in the men’s final and Moona Whyte in the women’s competition underscored their mastery in kite surfing, setting high standards for future competitions.